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Welcome to Oil Trades Supply

For over 30 years, Oil Trades has consistently been the top name in Equipment Rebuilding & Refurbishing for the Petrochemical, Aviation, Biodiesel/Biofuel and Refueling Industries.    

Our #1 Goal: To Save You Time & Money!

Here's How:

  • - We have a warehouse full of inventory ready to be rebuilt & configured to your specifications.
  • - Our expert mechanics assess, refurbish, remanufacture and test every rebuild meticulously
  • - We guarantee our work with a 1-year warranty (same or better than factory warranty)
  • - We Save You Time: Our Leed Times are 1/4 - 1/3 of buying new
  • - And the bottom-line - We Save You Money $$!: Purchasing rebuilt equipment starts at 30%-off the price of purchasing new!

We Turn This:

Into This:

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We are pleased to announce that we have increased our warranty to DOUBLE the industry standard! All remanufactured equipment now comes with a 2-year warranty!

Custom Remanufactured Pump Packages

Remanufacturing & Rebuilding: Pumps, Meters, Filters, Strainers, Valves, Registers & Ticket Printers Custom Configured and Mounted to a Custom Base Is Our Specialty! Click here to Get Started!

Oil Trades Supply Corp - Rebuilt Meters

We take pride in our top-quality Remanufactured Meters And Include an Industry-Leading 2 Year Warranty!!! (Filters/Strainers required for eligibility)

We Remanufacture Top Brands

Viking, Blackmer, Goulds, Gorman Rupp, Hayward, Rosedale, Jensen & More!

Oil Trades Has Moved To A New Location!

We have moved to a new warehouse in South Fallsburg and our admin office is now in Bellerose, NY. Please see our contact page for details!

In 1980 Oil Trades Supply was incorporated with a mission to deliver a win-win-win business model in the Petrochemical, Biofuel, Aviation and Refueling industries. Now, over 30 years later we hold true to our founding spark. Click through the pages on our site and see how our Rebuilt Equipment saves you Time and Money while maintaining the highest standards of quality mechanics.

Oil Trades began as distributors of new, surplus, used and rebuilt liquid handling equipment. Over the last 30 years however, the niche we developed is in custom manufacturing of rebuilt pumping systems. We take used equipment destined for the scrapyard and transform it by cleaning, sand-blasting, rebuilding, refurbishing, testing, painting, sealing and putting it all back together again...


Turning This:

Into this:


Save Money & Go Green

Rebuilt Equipment Is the Win-Win-WIn way to go. The cost is light on your budget, gives used equipment a second 'lifetime' and is gentle on the environment too! To date we have diverted over 2 million pounds of petrochemical equipment from landfills - a fact we are PROUD of!

Contact Us!

You can reach us during business hours at 718-629-6600 or 800-466-8824 or anytime via email

Download Our Catalog

The Oil Trades Supply Corp 2013-2015 Catalog is now available for download. Click here for a link!

Our Shop Is Online!

We have just introduced our online store. Please be patient as we populate it with our inventory. The shop is fully functional during our setup however, feel free to place an order!
Oil Trades Supply Corp. (OTSC) is a family owned business started in 1980 & we have over 30 years of experience solving your pumping needs! Give us a call today to see how our rebuilt equipment can save you Money & Time while protecting our planet! (800) 466-8824